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Alloy 2 v2.03 Ked MAC OSX PLUGINS

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Alloy 2 v2.03 Ked


Alloy 2 Signal Processing Software Suite at a Glance:
Shape your tracks with Alloy 2′s powerful 8-band EQ
Add brilliance, warmth, and crunch to your mix with the fully-redesigned Exciter
Up the smash factor with Transient Shaper
Dynamics gives you the best characteristics of both analog and digital compressors
Squash those pesky “s” sounds with De-Esser
Give your mixes max slam factor with Alloy’s Limiter module
Over 250 easy-to-deploy Presets

Alloy 2 gives you futuristic tools, fast results and most importantly, fantastic sound.
Bring character and life to every element of your mix with Alloy 2.
Far more than just a traditional channel strip, Alloy 2 is a modern twist on classic mixing.
The basics have been re-imagined with forward-thinking features and time-saving flexibility.
Innovative sound sculpting tools are ripe with potential for delivering your distinctive sound.
And best of all, Alloy 2 allows you to focus on mixing without distraction, neatly packaging
the mixing essentials in a self-contained and completely configurable plug-in that puts
everything you need at your fingertips.

Version Build 2.0.3 b496 | AU – VST – VST3 – RTAS | 32B 64B | 70 MB [Read more...]


Insight v1.03b Ked MAC OSX PLUGINS

Plugins Mac OSX    Pro AudioZ

Insight v1.03b Ked


Insight provides a full suite of audio analysis and metering tools,
perfect for visualizing changes made during the mixing and mastering
process, troubleshooting problematic mixes, and ensuring compliance
with broadcast loudness standards. Fully customizable and scalable,
Insight allows you to visually monitor all relevant information from
your mix in a convenient floating window. Featuring level meters,
loudness meters, a spectrogram, spectrum analyzer, vectorscope,
Surround Scope, and a loudness history graph, Insight allows you to
keep an eye as well as an ear on your mix at all times.

AU – VST – VST3 – RTAS | 32 + 64 Bit | Officially released December 12, 2013
Ked by Cook | July 27, 2014 | 35 MB
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Voxengo Colouration Bundle v1.0 MAC OSX PLUGINS

Plugins Mac OSX Bundle    Pro AudioZ

Voxengo Colouration Bundle v1.0


A collection of Voxengo pro audio plugins that offer a way to apply creative “coloration” and
“tube warming” sound processing effects when you mix and master your tracks.

– HarmoniEQ v2.2 AU + VST
– LFMaxPunch v1.4 AU + VST
– TransGainer v1.3 AU + VST
– VariSaturator v1.9 AU + VST

Mark the Release Cook | 111.5 MB expanded [Read more...]


Voxengo Mixing Bundle v1.0 MAC OSX PLUGINS

Plugins Mixing Mac OSX Bundle    Pro AudioZ

Voxengo Mixing Bundle v1.0


Bundle of Voxengo pro audio plugins that contains plug-ins designed for use in the mixing stage. They will help you get excellent vocal, drum and overall mix sound.
– Crunchessor v2.8 AU + VST
– Drumformer v1.2 AU + VST
– GlissEQ v3.5.3 AU + VST
– Voxformer v2.7 AU + VST

Released : July 24, 2014 | Mark the Release Cook | 113.7 MB expanded
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Credland Big Kick v1.5.0 WIN MAC PLUGINS

WIN Plugins MAC    Pro AudioZ

Credland Big Kick v1.5.0


Big Kick: the professional’s kick drum synthesiser for electronic and pop.
* Great bottom-end: design a drum that fits perfectly with your bass.
* Quick and frustration-free: cut out hours of hunting through samples.
* Reuse your existing drum sample library.
* Incredibly useful instant drag-and-drop sample export.
* No complex envelopes to set, just sensible knobs for instant results.

STUDIO | C0PYL3FT3R | 24.07.2014 | AU/VST 32/64bit | | 43 / 53 MB [Read more...]